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using investment method DCA Set your goals in various portfolios and automate the investments and withdrawals
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What is DCA?

Dollar cost averaging

Investment strategy

DCA investment strategy is being used to enter the market while lowering risk of buying at high price.

Regular investments

Invest using DCA method means buying a fixed amount of bitcoin regularly no matter the price.

Cost averaging

The technique is so called because of its potential for reducing the average cost of shares bought.

When to use DCA

DCA effectively leads to more shares being purchased when their price is low (typically in bear market) and fewer when they are expensive.

Automatic investments

BTC DCA tool eliminates the manual actions and automates the bitcoin purchases periodically in time.

DCA for saving

Automated DCA strategy is so simple, so that it can be used effectively for long term saving.

Calculate your profit using

Bitcoin DCA Calculator

Monthly investments

Knowing your final investment amount is not neccessary.
It is enough to know, how much you can invest monthly.

The Bictoin DCA Calculator will calculate the approximate End balance while considering price gap until last BTC cycle ATH and a gain potential for the next cycles.

Goal achievement

Some goals have a specific final achievement.
Monthly investment could be calculated based on it.

The expected End balance, Investment horizon and current price in the bitcoin cycle are then used to calculate the approximate monhtly investment to achieve the goal on time.
Split your goals to the

Investment Portfolios

Set your strategy for each of your goals separately

Portfolios are here to represent your goals

Set one to beat the monetary inflation, another to save for each of your kids, or to reach your dreams.

Thanks to the portfolios, see:

  • Your actual profit
  • Overall invested amount
  • Average bitcoin purchasing price
  • Calculated and actual monthly investment
  • Remaining period to reach your goal
  • Percentage of the goal fulfillment
How It Works

BTC DCA Account Setup

Choose your Exchange

BTC DCA tool does not require any deposits, all is done through your favorite Exchange.

coinmate binance okx

Connect accounts

Create a FREE account to maintain
your automated orders and connect it to your exchange account.

Create Portfolio 

Exchange and Withdraw

Create your recurring buy and withdrawal orders and let the tool work for you automatically.

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Bitcoin DCA in 3 steps

1 deposit BTC to your preferred crypto exchange deposit funds
2 exchange FIAT into Bitcoin by DCA method use DCA to BUY BITCOIN
3 Withdraw BTC automatically withdraw BTC automatically
How much does it cost


Every exchange has its fees structure

FIAT Deposit 1 EUR  Other FIAT Deposit fees at Binance exchange depends on the selected currency
Exchange fee 0%  The Binance exchange currently offers 0% exchange fees on following 13 spot trading pairs: BTC/AUD, BTC/BIDR, BTC/BRL, BTC/BUSD, BTC/EUR, BTC/GBP, BTC/RUB, BTC/TRY, BTC/TUSD, BTC/UAH, BTC/USDC, BTC/USDP and BTC/USDT
Withdrawal fee 0.0001 BTC
FIAT Deposit 1 EUR / 0 CZK
Exchange fee max. 0.35%  Coinmate exchange fees are lower for higher exchanged overall volume of cryptocurrencies
Withdrawal fee 0.00004 BTC
Stablecoin Deposit Free of charge Only stablecoins like USDT, EURT, etc. can be deposited
Exchange fee max. 0.1%  Super low trade fees
Withdrawal fee 0.00003 - 0.00006 BTC
($1.8 - $3.6)

No additional fees for using BTC DCA

btc DCA
FIAT Deposit free of charge
Exchange fee free of charge
Withdrawal fee free of charge

Frequently Asked Questions

A major advantage for the investor using DCA is not having to make a decision on a day-to-day basis about the best time to invest the funds, but there are obvious advantages in simplicity and also in promoting habitual or automated regular investing.

The tool can setup auto-invest in your preferred exchange even in a case, this feature is not naturally available there. This way you gain of all the cryptocurrency exchange benefits on a regular basis.

Also, you can automate withdrawals to your preferred wallet using the tool.

None. You can stop your investment strategy anytime you want.

BTC DCA application serves only to maintain your automatic exchange and withdrawal orders.

It does not require to send us any funds. This is fully in charge of your selected exchange.

The application does not serve only for periodical DCA investments. It can also secure automatic withdrawals to your wallet address.

Anytime (using your exchange account).

However the withdrawal can be automated and its execution happening once a day if your account balance (at your exchange's account) reach your selected limit for a withdrawal.

The first of all, we do recommend to apply IP Restriction to your API key. This will secure it can be used only from our server, not ouside.

Anyway, the most important is to set known withdrawal addreses whitelisting in your cryptocurrency exchange setup. We support only exchanges having this feature available to be sure, you can have the security of your funds in your hands.

To confirm your automated withdrawals, we require 2FA (second factor authentication).

Usage of the application is free of charge.

You can support further development by purchasing HW wallet or registration to supported exchanges using our affiliate links on this website.
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